Each of our shoes
has a strong identity,
ours beloved.

The craftmanship shines in the beauty of our products and our culture.

Fashion shoes,
but they do not go out
of style.

Our shoes have the sporting spirit of a boot, because this is the type of model that we specialize in.

Of course over the years we have maintained the features of this type of shoe, but we’ve given it a more streamlined shape and a style easy to wear in everyday life.

Aesthetic choices that do not affect the recognition of your pair of La Mondiales: although influenced by fashionable ideas or seasonal colours, they will retain their distinctive style and discreetness that will not look outdated over time.


Italians in our head,
heart and hands

Made in Italy is not only a way of working but also of thinking, a mindset that makes us refuse to compromise on quality, and to respect to the age-old Italian manufacturing tradition.

That’s why we choose materials calmly knowing exactly what to use them for, we follow all the production steps without leaving anything to chance.

For the same reason every working step, from the assembly cutting and tanning to the seaming, takes place in Italy: because we know the many skills needed to obtain a perfect shoe, but mostly because we are aware you do not find these skills in any other country in the world.