We look to the future,
from a place rich in history.

Montelliana has a unique heritage inside, that of the place where it was born. In Montebelluna, footwear tradition is in our minds since centuries. Already at the time of the Serenissima, in the fourteenth century, Montebelluna was distinguished in the production of footwear and made to obey the rules of the corporation of Calegheri and Zavetteri, shoemakers and cobblers, until the fall of the Venetian Republic in 1797.

The relevance of this district is confirmed in 1808, when we can already count 10 shoemakers. In those times the shoes mostly requested were gallozze, ie for use by farmers and in the mountains with a thick wooden sole and a leather cover. The advent of the first sewing machines made for an increase of production at a phenomenal rate, as demonstrates a new census in 1873: among the 8000 inhabitants we have 55 shoemakers.


La Mondiale 1946

In 1946 La Mondiale was founded with all this experience and specialization. Our footwear immediately proved particularly innovative, as in the case of the first injected ski boot, a product so much that at the cutting edge of technology and fashion it was rewarded in the 1968 Olympics International of the Alta Moda in Pelle.

A tangible recognition of our way of working focused since our early years in research and excellence whilst creating beautiful shoes, but also distinctive ones.

We do everything in the family,
but always the best.

We sell our shoes in Italy and in the world, but we remain a close family business.

When there is a problem we solve it fast: talking and looking into the eyes without intermediaries, but it also means that we can have a flexibility that allows us to interpret the needs of those customers who want exclusive designs made only for them and with design details that nobody else has.

A way of working that we can ensure we follow completely in all work phases, but our focus on the needs of the people will never be less than the focus we reserve on product manufacturing.